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Present Conditions:

  1. Presently homosexuality is considered legal all over United Kingdom.
  2. Homosexuals can legally change their gender with or without gender change surgery.
  3. The consent age of Individuals for homosexual relationships are equal as for other relationships that is sixteen years of age.
  4. The Equality Act 2010 has legislated equal rights for everybody, which prohibits discrimination against people in terms of their sexual orientation at workplace, public places etc.
  5. Discrimination is considered illegal and is a punishable offence.
  6. Enrolment of LGBTQ people in army is considered legal.
  7. Housing and rental properties should be provided without discrimination too.


Times have changed and LGBTQ community has evolved and has been appreciated a lot. They represent their community in every field. The taboos have been eradicated and the notion of homosexual to be considered as a disease has been decreased.

But still there are still some prejudices still existent in the world. In Uk itself, a recent case of pastors protesting against the banning of conversion law was witnessed. The pastors claimed that their procedures to convert gay people into straight is true and works.